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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Should I arrive early?


A: Yes, Please arrive 5mins early to use the restroom and or wash your hands in the tea area.



Q: Do I need to remove my makeup before a facial?


A: No, I have plenty of products to remove makeup.


Q: How should I arrive for a lash tint?


A: Please arrive without contacts and mascara on.


Q: Does bikini waxing hurt? What can I do to help?


A: YES,  but it does get better. The first time is the worst time. I know my clients aren’t excited about the waxing part but we talk the whole time which is a great distraction and then the best part of waxing is when you are done and that’s why people love it! 


You will get to see your hair thin out. And not have to do any removal for around a month. I highly recommend gentle exfoliating and hydrate the area every day and then you had do a more aggressive treatment once or twice a week. I love my Lalicious sugar scrub for a treat to my whole body! For daily I like the easiness of exfoliating gloves with my shower gel and coconut oil For moisturizer. Drinking plenty of water really does help! (  Half your weight in ounces is a good start )


Q: How long does the hair need to be to wax?


A: 2+ weeks from your last shave. I prefer the hair to be longer than necessary then too short any day!



Q: What if I get an ingrown hair?


A: If time allows at our appointment, I will do my best to take care of that! I have the lighting, angle, and tools needed.


Q: How much time should I wait between Face Waxing and Facials?


A: It’s a good idea for sensitive skin to wait a week between face waxing and facials. 


Q: Do I need to stop using any products before a face waxing appointment?


A: Yes, stop using products that make your skin sensitive to the sun or waxing for 5-10 days prior to face waxing.


Q: What is the best thing I can do for my skin?

A: Protect it from the sun! Find a sunblock that you like and get in a habit of using it! Let me know what you need and I have an option for all skin types and preferences.



Q: Do I need face waxing (other then brow shape)?

A: I look for length, thickness or darker hair (or a combo of any) to decide if I think it doesn’t belong but it’s always your decision and comfort of what you want to be removed.


Q: I started my cycle! Do I have to cancel my Brazilian waxing  appointment???


A: If you are comfortable coming in still and wear a tampon then we are good! We can always do an express facial, peel or microdermabrasion treatment in the same amount of time so you still get some self care and feel like skipping the waxing until after your period is over. Just let me know as soon as possible so I can prep hot towels and the steamer machine.

"Christina is the best. She's a very genuinely kind person and cares deeply for the quality of her work. I feel so lucky to have someone I trust and admire. I highly recommend her for any service!"

– Mary Catherine M., Yelp Review

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